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Topic areas

Human resources management
spring Messe Management is the European market leader in human resources management trade fairs and exhibitions. The clear focus it places on the needs of HR managers makes spring’s specialist fairs the beacon events of their type within the sector. spring’s growing portfolio includes the flagship fair Zukunft Personal Europe, the Zukunft Personal specialist fairs in  Stuttgart and Hamburg, the Zukunft Personal specialist fairs Vienna and Budapest.

job and career
Predicted demographic developments mean that there will scarcely be a branch that remains unaffected by a shortage of skilled workers. spring Messe Management’s job and career trade fairs and exhibitions take place in the precise areas where the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) target groups are to be found – as an integral part of leading specialist fairs.

Corporate Health
Many employees suffer from the increasing complexity of work processes in today’s economy. At the same time demographic change means that the average age of staff is increasing. This trend causes more and more businesses to invest in corporate health management. How to improve and maintain your staff’s health and performance levels is shown at the Corporate Health Convention. This European trade show for corporate health management and demographics is the first port of call for prevention, workplace health promotion, health management, workplace design and equipment, ergonomics, healthy ageing at work, sports and rehabilitation, nutrition and healthy office catering in the German speaking countries.

Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne

Zukunft Personal 2017