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Our values

Team spirit
No one organises a fair alone. We are only strong working together as a team. We support our colleagues and lend a hand where needed. We have fun doing what we do! Be it at work or doing special activities such as our annual barbecue or group excursion.

Respect and esteem
Our relationships with our customers, service providers and partners are marked by a high degree of respect. We meet as equals. We show respect to our employees and colleagues, even in the stressful situations that are always bound to occur in the fair and exhibition business. We like to work in a diverse team of staff from various cultural backgrounds. All employees are allowed to express their own individuality and remain true to themselves.

Integrity and fairness
You can take us at our word. You know where you are with spring. We treat our staff, customers, service providers and partners in a fair way and endeavour to establish long-term (customer) loyalty and partnerships.

Openness and clear communication
We communicate in an open and honest way, both to our staff and colleagues and to our customers and partners. We operate within a culture of transparency and provide one another with frank and sincere feedback across all levels.

Ambition and objectives
We aim to expand our trade fair and exhibition products into the leading events in their respective markets. We show no complacency in areas where we are already the market leader. We work to improve our processes, product ranges and customer service at all times. Although we are not perfect, our aim is to continue to get even better.

Trust and responsibility
We challenge and support our staff. We place trust in our employees by handing over responsibility for tasks at an early stage and manage staff in a targeted and results oriented manner. We have high expectations of our employees. Although we are quite prepared to throw people in at the deep end, assistance is always available.

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trade fair team at Zukunft Personal 2017

spring at the BASF company cup 2017